Welcome to Company C, 72nd New York Volunteer Infantry: 

This short letter will give you the basic information regarding equipment you'll need now that you have joined our Company.


Below is a list of required equipment (in Blue) you will need to be a self-contained reenactor.  The list below that (in Red) lists more optional equipment that will enhance your impression. 

Now, please do not be overwhelmed with the amount of equipment required.  If you have already reenacted with us, you know that we have loaner equipment that you can use for a limited time. 

Since our resources are limited, it is company policy that you are expected to purchase your own equipment in a timley manner.  Newcomers or "Fresh Fish" our first on the list to recieve loaner gear to help foster their interest in our hobby.  The longer you are in our group the less likely it is that loaner gear will be available for your use.  Purchasing of your own equipment shows your committment to the hobby.  The younger gentleman of limited income could drop hints to their parents for gifts on birthdays and Christmas.

The Rifle is the most expensive piece of equipment but used rifles are available if you look for them.  Other items are more affordable if purchased as part of a Uniform or Leathers Special from one of the online sutlers that will give you almost everything you need.  At the bottom of this page I have listed two examples of these specials with an approximate cost (do some comparison shopping) .  Also listed at the bottom are links to several of the sutlers that I have dealt with extensively and have been very pleased with the quality of the items I have purchased and service recieved.  At some of the bigger events there will be sutlers present selling there wares.  If you go online and do a search for "Civil War Sutlers"  you will find quite a few online retail outlets.  There are sutlers that have extremely inexpensive items for sale from overseas but usually the quality and fit is poor and sometimes there is a minimum order amount and excessive shipping costs that makes them prohibitive to patronize. 

Good quality used equipment is available both online and from the guys in camp, just talk to the guys at the next event or contact one of the Officers or NCOs listed at the bottom of the home page.


            Musket:    Springfield Model 1861 (perfered)1861 Springfield Rifle Musket



                               Enfield Model 1853 (3-band) (acceptable) Armi Sport Three Band Enfield


Coat:        Four button sack coat or New York State jacket (early-mid war)                           





Pants:       Standard Federal issue, sky blue foot style, with suspenders (white, period style)








Shirt:        Personal choice but must be period styled



Hat:          Bummer (forage cap), or kepi 


Hats shoul have the following adornments with the proper identifiers:



Numbers (72) Letters (C)  

Corp Badge (white diamond) 

and Infantry Horn

                               Cap Box                                          

                                                                                     Cartridge box with strap


Belt: Belt with US buckle                                                    Canteen:  Smooth side, sky blue cover       



Bayonet:  Standard SpringfieldSpringfield Bayonet and Scabbard or







Enfield bayonet with proper scabbard and frog.Enfield Bayonet and Scabbard


Shoes:      Military Brogans, black color                              Socks:      Grey wool 






Socks:      Grey wool  


Tent:         Wedge tent 6' x 8' x 9'  or shelter half (a tent is not required but unless you can find a spot in someone elses tent the alternative is sleeping outside).              





Oval SNY buckle for your belt orbox plate for your cartridge box or belt


US Eagle breastplate for your cartridge box sling

Standard US tarred haversack 


mal" style="margin-left: .5in"> Hat insignia:Anyor all of the following is acceptable for letter "C", numbers "72",   "Infantry Hunting Horn" (highly recommend as minimum), 3rd Corp 2nd Div. Badge (white diamond)


Great coat, rubber blanket, rubber poncho, back pack, etc... (While not required, additional gear can be helpful and add to the camp impression.)

          Civil War Uniform Specials

             CS or US Uniform Special Consists of the Following:  @$195.00

         Kepi, Bummer or Slouch Hat

        Sky Blue, Navy or Gray Trouser

        Unlined Sack Coat or Shell Jacket

        Leather Waist Belt (Black or Russet)

        C.S. or U.S. Oval Lead Filled Belt Plate

        Unbleached Four Button Shirt

        Adjustable Suspenders

  CS or US Leather Accessories Special

CS or US Leather Accessories Special consists of the following:  @ $89.00 

        Infantry Cartridge Box

        Cartridge Box Strap

        Cap Box

        Box Plate - US or CS

        Federal Eagle Breast Plate - US only

        Haversack - Canvas or Tarred


These uniform and leather specials are available from the below linked sutlers.  I have personally dealt with these companies and have always been extremely happy with their service and prices.  They are available by phone if you need advice and will expedite orders on request. 


There are quite a few civil war sutlers on the internet and you should visit as many of them as you can for price comparisons.


C & C Sutlery                                    Fall Creek Sutler        

                           Regimental Quartermaster





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